Trade mark number: 
The Glycemic Index Foundation Certification Trade Mark was established to indicate products that have been assessed by Glycemic Index Ltd and ranked according to their effects on blood glucose levels in comparison with a specified reference.

Use of the Glycemic Index Foundation Certification Trade Mark in connection with products shall be authorised by the grant of a licence to use the Certification Trade Mark to an application who makes application for such a licence in accordance with these rules provided:

  • The products meet the standards prescribed in the rules
  • Glycemic Index Ltd is satisfied that both the use of the Certification Trade Mark on products, or in relation to products, will not offend the provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974, or the guidelines on misleading conduct set out by the Commission from time to time
  • The products meet the requirements of State and Federal legislation
  • The products meet all relevant codes of practice
Certification rules: 
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