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The Ease of Use Certified Trade Mark was established by Arthritis Australia to denote products and packaging that have met certain criteria in relation to their usability and ease of use. The Arthritis Foundation of Australia is a national non-profit public company which represents the interests of those with Arthritis, resident in Australia.

The principal objective of Arthritis Australia is to promote the livelihood of people living with Arthritis by providing a range of services throughout the community. Arthritis Australia has established the Ease of Use Trade Mark Programme (EOU Certification Program) to recognise organisations that design products and packaging that do not inhibit or cause injury or discomfort to people living with Arthritis and/or a disability.

The EOU Certification Program is a comprehensive scheme to allow all consumers to identify user-friend products and packaging.

The EOU Certification Program evaluates the usability of products, based on a number of criteria that are determined on a case by case basis, to evaluate the usability of products or packaging.

The EOU Certification Program is intended to:

  • establish a common language and standard of measurement of the usability of products and packaging;
  • promote ergonomic product and packaging design;
  • raise awareness of Arthritis in Australia;
  • reduce the incidence of injury caused to consumers from using hard to open products or packaging;
  • provide recognition for manufacturers and brand owners to have developed user friendly products and packaging; and
  • increase availability and purchasing of easy to use products resulting in: decreased pain and discomfort for people with Arthritis, increased feeling of independence for people with Arthritis and increased funding for programs and research that benefit people with Arthritis.
Certification rules: 
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