Trade mark number: 
The Fiji Pure Mahogany, FPM and Fiji Pure word trade marks certify that mahogany wood bearing these marks is plantation grown wood of Fiji origin that is legally grown, harvested and produced under the laws of Fiji.

The Fiji Pure Mahogany brand is based on the following principles:

  • Establishes licensing and fee requirements to ensure that the Fiji mahogany brand is used by only those mill operators that re legal entities, authorised to do business in Fiji and export timber from Fiji.
  • Establishes reforestation program for plantation grown mahogany through mandatory reforestation fees to ensure a sustainable and renewable resource.
  • Establishes that all applicable fees, royalties and taxes have been paid and are current by the licensees using the Fiji mahogany brand.
  • Establishes that any licensee using the Fiji mahogany brand produces and exports only legally harvest, plantation grown mahogany from Fiji.
  • Establishes and ensures compliance with applicable Fijian laws regarding timber production and harvesting, namely the Mahogany Industry development Decree 2010 and the Fiji Plantation Grown Mahogany Harvesting Code of Practice.
  • Establishes and ensures compliance by each licensee using the Fiji mahogany brand mark with applicable Fiji Occupational Health and Safety Standards as they pertain to the health. safety and welfare of employees.
  • Establishes production standards and packaging requirements of products bearing the Fiji mahogany brand mark.
  • Establishes the existence and maintenance of the licensee's chain of custody by requiring inspections and audits by government officials at carious points in the chain of custody.
Certification rules: 
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