Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by Technet Trading Limited. Technet Trading Limited is a company which specialises in apparel fit. They are the parent company of Alvanon HK Ltd (Alvanon) who will be implementing the rules.

The certification trade mark is intended to indicate:

  • Brands, retailers and manufacturers of clothing that research, develop, implement and consistently execute an appropriate standard of clothing fit. This criteria is judged by if the following four criteria are present:
    • Customer demographic analysis – to determine the size and body shape needs of the brand, retailer and/or manufacturer’s customer demographic
    • ‘Standard of fit’ strategy – develop a grading system between clothing sizes to suit the needs of the customer demographic
    • Product development and supply chain execution – implementation of fit forms, blocks, grade rules and an established vendor compliance program to ensure consistency
    • Training and professional development – internal and external training on the expectations and implementation of the ‘Standard of fit’ strategy
Certification rules: 
1748393-180427-final-rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [4.32 MB]