Trade mark number: 
This trade mark, at the time of filing is owned by Irish Whiskey Association Limited a group that was established to promote Irish Whiskey, support new producers, protect the standards of the creation of Irish Whiskey and ensure that policy supports the growth of the Irish Whiskey sector.

To be eligible, Applicant’s products need to satisfy:

The class 33 goods comply with the Technical Specification set out in the rules as to the content, method of manufacture, geographical origin and quality.

Content:  Irish Whiskey is a spirit distilled from a mash of water and malted barley with, in some cases, whole grains of other cereals. No other substance can be added to the spirit except water to reduce to bottling strength of no less than 40% abv and plain caramel colouring (E150a), if necessary, for the adjustment of colour.

Method of manufacture: Irish Whiskey must be distilled at a distillery in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland from water and malted barley with, in some cases, also whole grains of other cereals.

Geographic origin: The island of Ireland, which comprises the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

Quality:  Irish Whiskey must retain the colour, aroma and taste derived from the “Content” and “Method of manufacture” requirements described above.

Bottlers of Irish Whiskey therefore cannot modify, in any manner, the organoleptic characteristics of the product. Irish Whiskey must not be sold at an alcoholic strength less than 40% by volume.

Certification rules: 
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Certification rules part 2: 
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