Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by Divorce Coaching Inc.

The rules governing the use of this registration certify the following points.

Users must meet the requirements set out by the applicant which include a certain amount of hours of training, work experience, continued training, fees, being ethical, responsible, and authorised performance.

Certification must be renewed every 2 years.

Authorized users must comply with the following conditions of use of the Certification Mark:

  1. You must only use the Certification Mark in connection with the following services:

       counselling and coaching of others on relationships and marriage and during the process
       of divorce.

  1. You may not omit part of, make additions to, or alter the Certification Mark.

iii. You may not use the Certification Mark in a manner which is deceptive or would lessen the
Certification Mark’s value, challenge its validity, or cause other harm to the Certification Mark or
to the reputation of Divorce Coaching, Inc. 5

  1. You may not sub-license, assign, or in any other way transfer your rights to use the Certification Mark.


  1. You must ensure that your marketing, advertising, and provision of services under the Certification Mark complies with all applicable laws, codes of practice, standards, and regulations in Australia or in any other country in which you practice.


  1. The Certification Mark shall not be used without indicating that it is a certification mark.
Certification rules: 
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