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Cemassure Limited is a company that provides a process of third party review of the conformity of despatched product for cement, flyash, slag and amorphous silica products with prevailing and Australian and New Zealand Standards.

The rules governing the use of this registration certify that certain products (namely, cement, flyash, slag and amorphous silica products) comply with prevailing Australasian Standard, namely:

  • AS 3972 – general purpose and blended cements
  • NZS 3122 - Specification for Portland and blended cements (General and special purpose),
  • NZS 3125 - Specification for portland-limestone filler cement,
  • NZS 3123 - Specification for pozzolan for use with Portland and blended cement and
  • AS/NZS 3582.1 Supplementary cementitious materials Part 1: Fly ash,
  • AS 3582.2 Supplementary cementitious materials Part 2: Slag,
  • AS/NZS 3582.3 Supplementary cementitious materials Part 3: Amorphous Silica.
Certification rules: 
2013579_final_rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [2.43 MB]