Trade mark number: 
The Choose Cruelty Free trade mark promotes a cruelty free lifestyle, licensing products in which none of the ingredients have been tested on animals.

To be eligible for the Choose Cruelty Free Ltd certification trade mark, applicants must satisfy Choose Cruelty Free Ltd that:

  • None of its products and none of its ingredients have been tested on animals by it, by anyone on its behalf, by its suppliers or anyone on their behalf at any time within the period of five years immediately preceding the date of the application for accreditation and
  • None of its products contain any ingredients which have been derived from an animal killed specifically for extraction of that ingredient, have been forcibly extracted from a live animal in a manner which occasioned pain or discomfort, have been derived from any wildlife, are by-products of the fur industry or are slaughterhouse by-products of a commercially significant value.
Certification rules: 
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