Rail Transport Victoria Accreditation

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The Rail Transport Victoria Accreditation is used by the Rail Transport industry of Victoria to certify that operators and providers or rail transport and rolling stock have an adequate safety management system in place. This accreditation is a requirement of the Transport (Rail Safety) Act 1996 VIC.

A person may apply to the Secretary of Rail Transport Victoria for accreditation as one or more of the following:

  • a manager of Rail Infrastructure
  • an operator of Rolling Stock
  • a provider of Rolling Stock

An application must be in the prescribed form and be accompanied by:

  • documentary evidence that demonstrating an adequate safety management system is in place or will be in place when the person commences operation;
  • a copy of a risk management strategy that provides for clear identification, analysis, assessment, treatment and monitoring of all risks associated with the activities in respect of which accreditation is sought;
  • the application fee as determined in accordance with the attached certification rules
  • the documentary evidence as required in accordance with the attached certification rules
Certification rules: 
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