Trade mark number: 
The WI FI trade mark was established to promote high quality computer hardware and local area networking products that meet the specified standards of the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance.

The WI FI trademark is assessed according to a series of tests, conducted by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, Wi-FI System Interoperability Test Plan including:

  • General handling for reserved bits
  • SSID element
  • Beacon interval
  • TIM element
  • Data payload
  • Power save
  • WEP
  • PCF
  • Packet response times
  • Data rates
  • Handling unexpected frames
  • Ability to handle null frames
  • Ability to handle empty data packets
  • Ability to handle proprietary messages
  • Ability to handle unsolicited PS-Poll
  • AP notification of bridges upon station roaming
Certification rules: 
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