Trade mark number: 
The Australian Pome Fruit Improvement Program Limited (APFIP Australia) aims to develop and promote the independent evaluation of pome fruit propagation material for the Australian pome fruit industry; and develop and promote standards for pome fruit propagation material that will assist the international competitiveness of the Australian pome fruit industry.

The APFIP Australia trade mark is to be used by APFIP and Approved Users to indicate that, amongst other matters, Trees and Rootstocks bearing certification tags have been assessed by APFIP as being Trees and Rootstocks which:

  • are True to Type;
  • have been grown and maintained in specified conditions and controlled conditions;
  • have been tested as negative for Viruses;
  • are able to be traced back to their Nuclear Stock Tree; and have tested negative for Pests and Diseases;
  • and consequently, are more likely to result in increased orchard productivity than Trees and Rootstocks not certified.
Certification rules: 
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