Please complete this form when requesting that your trade mark examination request be expedited, or done more quickly.

If you think you will be seriously disadvantaged because of the time taken between filing the application for registration and examination, a request may be made to have the application examined sooner.

Because of the need to assess requests for expedited examination on their individual merits, it is very difficult to set down definitive detailed criteria. However, the following is provided as a guideline only of what might justify a grant of expedited examination or what may not be acceptable.

Examples of where a request for expedited examination might be granted:

  • Court action is expected or under way, or
  • You might be severely or irreparably disadvantaged in the market place (for urgent commercial or other reasons).

Examples of where a request for expedited examination might not be granted:

  • Your request had no supporting reasons
  • the reason provided did not show that there was a particular commercial or other reason likely to cause severe disadvantage which might warrant "special" treatment ahead of other earlier applications.


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Tuesday, August 6, 2019