Last updated: 
4 April 2016

Business to Business (B2B) is IP Australia's high volume, electronic channel that enables you to securely lodge multiple applications and renewals in a single transaction.

It's designed for IP practitioners who handle very large volumes of IP submissions. B2B uses an automated system based on a multiple file transfer platform server that transfers batched XML requests directly to IP Australia's systems for processing and payment.

B2B saves you time and money

  • B2B means high speed, high volume processing - separate file handling is not required for each individual request.
  • B2B uses a direct debit system that automatically bills and tells you the exact amount for each individual intellectual property transaction within each batch.
  • Your information is securely transmitted to our system and each transmission is verified and validated.
  • our requests are processed promptly and you receive immediate acknowledgement when you submit a request and a notification when your request has been processed.
  • There is less chance of error compared to individual request submission.
  • We provide technical support and assistance in setting up your system and if any operational issues occur.

Costs of using B2B

There are no additional fees for using IP Australia's B2B channel.

IP Australia provides software to support multiple file transfer and the XML schema for submitting requests to our system. However, you will incur your own costs to develop software to prepare requests and interact with our systems.