Last updated: 
4 April 2016

A digital certificate is used in B2B to uniquely authenticate each user who submits a transaction through the B2B channel.

Obtain a digital certificate

Digital certificates are available from Certifying Authorities approved by the Australian Government.

You will need to appoint an authorised officer as the signing authority for the organisation. Australia Post can act as an approved identity check agent. For more information see Digital certificate.

Renew your digital certificate

IP Australia will send you a reminder three months before your current digital certificate expires.

Many of the steps are the same as obtaining a new digital certificate.

  • Apply for your renewed certificate in the same way that you applied for your original certificate.
  • Use OpenSSL to remove any password and extract your private key and certificate in PEM format.
  • Store the private key and certificate in the same location as the previous certificate and key.
  • Update the address or name of the certificate if changed in the signing batch file.
  • Contact IP Australia to send them a copy of the new certificate and certificate chain and to arrange a time for testing it. You should aim  to complete the testing at least two weeks before the existing certificate is due to expire.
  • When testing is successfully completed, use the new certificate for your B2B processing.

Note that currently the Gatekeeper website has not yet been completed by the Digital Transformation Office. In the interim, information about certificates and Certifying Authorities can be obtained by sending an email to