Publications & reports

 This report details the economic and econometric framework adopted in the current study conduced by the OCE in examining the relationship between the Grace Periods and Promoting Innovation.

5 October 2016

This report provides review of the literature on Grace Period study for the past 3 decades and provides context for the current study conducted by the OCE on examining the relationship between grace period and promoting innovation

5 October 2016
The Customer Service Charter Quarterly Report is a public statement of our commitment to excellence in service delivery. The following is an overview of IP Australia’s performance against each of the Customer Service Charter service level commitments for the January - March 2016 quarter.
24 May 2016

The Department of Industry Portfolio Budget Statement 2016-17 incorporates our Budget report.

9 May 2016

A guide to IP for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners.

26 April 2016

The Australian Government has committed to reduce the regulatory burden for individuals, businesses and community organisations by at least $1 billion per year. All Government department portfolios have been asked to complete an audit of their existing regulations, including measuring the compliance cost of the regulations on businesses and individuals.

8 April 2016

Navigating the many requirements, decisions and opportunities in the business world can be confusing and time consuming. Our magazine, IP - your business edge, will help steer you through some of them, especially how protecting your intellectual property can help grow your business.

29 March 2016