On screen text: On any given day, 335 applications move through our agency.

The mail arrives at 7.30 in the morning. We process around 1250 letters daily. Most of the applications come in electronically and are sent to the admin areas.
A lot of inventors or businesses begin their application by contacting our customer service centre.

Here at the customer service centre we obviously answer all your phone calls. We'll help you with navigating our website and filing your applications. We help people with general questions.
We don't actually give you legal advice - we have lots of information to give you - but we do encourage you to talk to an IP attorney or lawyer.

On screen text: 140 calls

Here in the Trademarks and Designs Administration Section we process new trademark and new design applications. That includes filing of the new trademark application through to registrations and renewals.

If it meets minimum filing requirements, we will then enter it into our administration system and send it up to examination.

On screen text: 210 trade mark and design applications per day

As a patent examiner, we're the first people to see new technology developments as the applications are applied for. And we search and examine the patent applications to see whether they're allowed to have a patent under the Act.
We have a number of different tools we can use to search the prior art as we call it. The main one being specialised search engine called Epoque, but we also make use of Google.

Here in the Trademarks Examination Group we look at trademarks that are filed and we examine them to make sure they meet the requirements of the Act. So basically whether they're distinctive and whether there are similar marks already registered.

Not all applications get examined. It has to be a special request which involves a fee. Of all our applications about 10 or 15 per cent get examined. It gives you protection from anyone infringing on your design.

Here at Opposition Hearing and Legislation, we manage the applications that are opposed by a third party - this is less than one per cent of the total applications we receive.

On screen text: 99% of patent applications pass through without opposition

I deal with the opposition process mainly with trademarks. That covers from when a notice of opposition is filed, through the evidence stages and right through to us making a decision on the ownership details.
Currently we're dealing with over 1,600 trademark disputes and only nine design disputes.

So once a patent application has been accepted it's advertised for an opposition period of three months.

On screen text: 160 plant varieties are granted each year for plant breeder's rights.

At the end of the application process for patents or plant breeders' rights we'll issue a certificate to the customer if the application has been successfully granted.

On screen text: 125 patent and plant breeder's rights applications per day.

Voice over:
IP Australia is the government agency that protects your invention, brand, the appearance of your product or your plant variety through patents, trademarks, designs and plant breeder's rights.


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Wednesday, April 6, 2016