[Music plays. Coat of Arms appears on screen with text: Australian Government, IP Australia]

Male: It’s an exciting time in Australia for inventers and entrepreneurs.

[Map of Australia appears]

[Text appears: Australian intellectual property report 2016]

[Wi-fi, medicine capsules, cochlear implant and microscope symbols appear]

The Australian Intellectual Property Report 2016 shows an increase in the number of inventors and entrepreneurs protecting their intellectual property in Australia.

[An arrow appears, with text: Increase in inventors and entrepreneurs]

[Screen moves to animated man having an idea]

[Text appears: Intellectual property]

[Circles appear with text: Patent, trade mark, design, plant breeder’s rights]

Intellectual property, known as, IP, is a creation of your mind, such as an invention, a trade mark, a design or a new plant variety.

And IP can be a valuable asset.

[Screen changes to bar graph showing upward trend]

[Text appears: Ideas, designs, inventions, brands]

In the last four years we’ve seen impressive growth in protecting ideas, designs, inventions and brands through IP rights.

[2015 calendar appears with text: Patent applications 10%, trade mark applications 14%]

In 2015, patent applications grew by ten percent, while trade mark applications grew by fourteen percent – this is the best growth in a decade.

[Text appears: Design applications 6%]

Design applications were the highest for any single year on record.

[Text appears: Plant breeder’s rights 5%]

And applications for plant breeder’s rights hit a five-year peak.

[Screen moves to a pile of papers with the text: 33% Australian small to medium business]

In 2015, thirty-three percent of applications were from Australian small to medium businesses.

[Screen changes to multiple piles of papers with the text: Patent applications have grown by 10%]

In fact, the share of Australian patent applications filed by small to medium businesses has grown by ten percent over the last decade.

[Image changes to globe with Australia highlighted]

[Text appears: Commercialise our great ideas]

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, it’s important we successfully commercialise our great ideas.

[Image changes to a pile of money, text appears: Australian firms invest $1 out of every $10 in IP]

This is how we build a stronger foundation for the future.

[Image changes to stacks of coins and people shaking hands]

And it can lead to trade and economic growth.

[Image changes to light globe surrounded with circles representing patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights.] 

This positive growth in IP right applications shows innovation at work.

[Image moves to map of Australia with light bulbs all over it]

[Image pans out to world map with Australia highlighted]

And it supports IP Australia’s vision of delivering a world leading IP system.

[Screen shows Australian Government IP Australia logo]

[Text appears: www.ipaustralia.gov.au/ipreport2016, #IPReport2016]

[Social media icons appear for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and YouTube]

For more information about the 2016 IP Report, go to IPAustralia.gov.au/ipreport2016.

[Music plays]

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016