This transcript is for the video 'Source IP is here - 60 seconds'.

[Music plays and Australian Government IP Australia logo appears on screen]

[Screen shows animated image of IP website and female and male talking]

Narrator: Collaboration between businesses and public research institutions is changing. Welcome to SourceIP.

[Text appears on screen: SourceIP]

SourceIP is a one stop digital marketplace.

[Image shows computer search text box with the words Micro processor under the text Find Patents & Licences. Images flash through computer search screen results]

It aims to provide information to businesses about the types of innovation and technology that are being generated by Australia’s public research sector.

[Screen shows animation of a Wi-Fi symbol, vaccination needle and bionic ear superimposed by a magnifying glass showing dollar symbols. Text appears on screen: Public Research]

Wi-Fi, the cervical cancer vaccine and the bionic ear all arose from the commercialisation of public research.

[Screen shows a trophy with the title public research. Image then changes to animation of racing cars on track with Australian car coming last]

Yet in Australia while our public research sector is world class we have a poor track record when it comes to businesses collaborating with research institutions.

[Screen shows image of circle in centre of screen with the text SourceIP]

SourceIP changes that.

[Screen shows smaller circles appearing connected to larger circle]

SourceIP is about providing a single source of information that may lead to connections which in turn could produce a commercial outcome.

[Screen shows animation of two hands shaking]

[Screen shows sign with the text: Open]

SourceIP is open for business.

[Screen shows text: SourceIP,]

Start accessing cutting edge Australian research at

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016