Last updated: 
23 July 2018

This is the transcript for the video: How Wollongong company Win Win Parenting are going global.

Dr Rosina McAlpine, Win Win Parenting CEO

Hi I'm Dr Rosina McAlpine and I'm the CEO of Win Win Parenting. When parents struggle at home with being able to meet the demands of work, especially if they're struggling with their kids, it can have a negative spill over at work. Win Win Parenting education programs in the workplace means that parents can be happy and confident at home and come to work and be focused and productive and that's the win-win.

We have two business models, we sell business to consumer and we sell business to business. It was really important for us to get IP protection in the English-speaking countries so that we can sell internationally.

We started the process of filing with an attorney in Australia and it turned out to be very expensive. Being a start-up at the time when we were first filing it made it prohibitive, but we still had to protect our IP. It was just by trial and error that we've been able to do it ourselves.

We sell online so means that there could be consumers in the US or the UK and we want to be able to have freedom to operate. What happens if we start selling our products in the US and then someone says to us 'Oh no, we have Win Win Parenting and we've got the IP, you cannot sell in the US?'

When you're filing for a trade mark you can either go to each country's trade mark offices or you can go through the Madrid Protocol which allows you to pick a number of countries. We decided to go Madrid and we chose UK, US and New Zealand.

First thing is, have a strategy. Look at all the things you need to protect, not just your name, the business name, so that's like your word mark you also have to protect your logo and you need to protect both of them together and that's called your composite.

The process is still ongoing, I feel like we've overcome so many objections, so many ‘needs to respond’ that now no matter what they say we can overcome it. We have now got some of our trade marks through right from beginning to end and it's taken just over a year of that process. Protecting our IP in Australia and internationally is so important.