Last updated: 
13 July 2020

A trade mark registration may be renewed every ten years. Fees are applicable (see below).

There is no limit to the number of times a trade mark registration may be renewed. Any person may pay for the renewal.

Our online services is the quickest and easiest way to renew your trade mark. You can pay your renewal using your Visa, MasterCard or American Express (AMEX). The renewal is effective immediately.

How do I change my details? 

If any of your details such as your name or address change you will need to advise us in writing before completing your renewal. Change of name or address requests can be made via online services.

Until we receive a written request for change of address and the request has been processed, all correspondence will be sent to the existing address.

How do I reduce classes before renewing?

Over the years, as you use your trade mark, you may want to reduce the number of classes you originally registered, as you refine your business or product line.

If you intend to delete classes of goods and/or services from your registration you must request deletion at least three weeks before the due date for renewal.

Otherwise you may not be able to renew your trade mark via online services and may need to pay additional fees.

When can renewal fees be paid?

You can pay your renewal fees from 12 months before the renewal due date or up to six months after the date expires. Additional fees apply if the registration is renewed after the expiry date.

What if I don't pay my renewal fee on time?

After your trade mark expires, a six-month grace period for payment will apply.

During this grace period, you may still renew the registration of your trade mark for a further 10 years by paying the renewal fee plus any applicable extension fees.

Once the expiry date has passed, your trade mark will no longer have the benefit of any rights arising from registration. At the end of the six-month grace period, if your renewal fee has not been paid, your trade mark will be removed from the register and can’t be restored.

How will I know if my trade mark has been renewed?

When your request for renewal is received and actioned, the Registrar will notify you that the trade mark registration is renewed and will advise of the renewal period.

You can also check the status of your registration online through Australian Trade Mark Search.

Beware of unsolicited invoices

If you own a registered intellectual property (IP) right you may find yourself the target of letters about registration or renewal. These are letters which are not from us and are often about overseas registration.

Once you apply for an IP right your details become publicly available and other organisations may attempt to contact you. Our privacy policy provides information about how we handle your personal information.

Letters from unfamiliar organisations should be treated with caution, especially letters requesting payment for unsolicited services. Whatever services might be offered, they bear no connection to us or any of our official publications. You are not obliged to pay their fees. See some examples of unsolicited invoices that we know about.

Fees for renewing a trade mark

Fees for renewing a trade mark are available under our trade mark costs.