Last updated: 
7 March 2016

Collaboration between researchers and business is a key element of successful innovation.

The Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration (the toolkit) simplifies the management of intellectual property (IP) in collaborations between researchers and business.

Why use it?

The toolkit can help researchers and business to:

  • develop and build effective partnerships
  • identify the important issues in developing collaborations, assisting them to understand what is important and how to protect their interests
  • deal with key issues before beginning the collaboration
  • reduce the need for legal advice, freeing up resources to focus on building the partnership
  • attract funding.

The toolkit has been designed to be used for collaborations of around $100,000 or more. Any element of the toolkit can be used independently.

The Mini IP Toolkit may be more suitable for lower value or less complex collaborations or both.

What does it give you?

The toolkit contains:

  • checklists of the key issues that need to be considered
  • template contracts, confidentiality agreements and term sheets
  • guides on developing partnerships and advice on the management of IP.