Last updated: 
1 April 2016

Did you know that Australian businesses that collaborate with research organisations to innovate can be more profitable? This collaboration also increases their potential to grow and compete both nationally and globally.

Unfortunately, Australia’s current rate of collaboration on innovation between industry and researchers is the lowest in the OECD. IP Australia has developed Source IP to help Australian businesses, including small businesses, to connect with potential research partners.

Source IP is a digital marketplace specifically created to help businesses and researchers collaborate by facilitating quick and easy contact.

Source IP helps businesses:

  • access public sector inventions and technology available for licensing
  • identify potential collaboration opportunities.

Source IP helps research institutions:

  • signal their patent licensing intent
  • promote their key areas of technology to potential industry partners.

With Source IP, you can search through the research that’s already been started by Australia’s public sector research organisations and get in touch with the researchers you’re interested in working with.

Source IP currently features research expertise from over 50 research organisations including Commonwealth research organisations, universities, Medical Research Institutes and Cooperative Research Centres.

Visit Source IP now and start connecting!

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