Recessed cutter disc

In 1975 the rotating blade unit of the lawnmower invented by Dolph Henry Meyer and Edward Henry Sykes was patented.

A patent is a right granted for a device, substance, method or process that you have invented. It is legally enforceable. It gives you the exclusive right to commercially exploit your invention for the life of the patent.


Trade Mark



The brand Victa was first trade marked in 1954 by Victa Limited.

A trade mark is a way of identifying a unique product or service. Sometimes called a brand, your trade mark is your identity - the way you show your customers who you are




In 2007 the design of the lawnmower engine created by Carl Anthony Norton was protected.

A registered design protects the visual appearance of a product. The visual features that form the design include the shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation which, when applied to a product, give it a unique visual appearance.


Plant breeder's rights



Sir Walter turf was developed by Buchanan Turf Supplies Pty Ltd and registered as a Plant Breeder's Right in 1998.

Plant Breeder's Rights (PBR) are exclusive commercial rights to a registered variety of plant for reproduction, propagation, sale, import or export.