Last updated: 
29 October 2019

The Priority Document Access Service (DAS) is now available for trade marks and designs. The DAS offers a simple and secure digital alternative to filing paper copies of priority documents with multiple intellectual property offices. This service is administered by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Australia is the first country to offer this service for trade marks.

IP Australia has leveraged WIPO-DAS for exchange of patents priority documents both as a depositing and accessing office since 2011.

This service can now be used for documents related to patents, utility models, industrial designs and trade marks.

What is the DAS and what does this mean to you?

The DAS is an electronic system allowing priority and similar documents to be securely exchanged between participating intellectual property (IP) offices. It creates a central point where details about priority documents may be viewed electronically by any office, without each office needing to request a hard copy of the document. The service is applicant driven and is voluntary for both applicants and IP offices.

The system enables applicants and offices to meet the requirements of the Paris Convention for certification in an electronic environment.

How the Priority Document Access Service works

If your priority document was filed in Australia, the DAS process includes the following steps:

  1. Submit a request for IP Australia to send a certified copy of your priority document to WIPO's digital library.
  2. Once we receive the request we will create a certified copy of the priority document and electronically transfer it to WIPO’s secure database. via a secure data exchange.
  3. WIPO will acknowledge receipt of the document by supplying you with a unique access code via an email.
  4. Use your unique access code to authorise participating offices to access your priority document.

Priority documents can only be supplied to WIPO via the DAS. If the DAS cannot be used the priority documents need to be supplied directly to the office requesting them.

Further information on using the DAS can be found on WIPO’s web site.


The standard fee for trade marks and designs for creating a certified copy of a priority document will still apply when using the DAS. However, by using this service applicants may not need to order and pay for multiple copies of the one priority document.

We do not charge any additional fees for sending the priority document to, or retrieving it from, WIPO's digital library using DAS.