Corporate Plan 2023-24

Agency Overview


     Ensuring Australians benefit from great ideas.


     Creating a world leading IP system building prosperity for Australia.


Key Activities
Portfolio Budget Statement Programs

Program 1: IP Rights Administration and Professional Registration

  • Administer patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights legislation.
  • Administer the Trans-Tasman IP attorney regime for Australian and New Zealand patents attorneys, and Australian trade marks attorneys.

Program 2: Education and awareness

  • Deliver proactive outreach programs that inform and educate Australian businesses, with emphasis on small and medium enterprises.
  • Build and leverage partnerships with Government, industry partners and universities to promote the IP system and maximise impact.

Program 3: Advice to Government and International Engagement

  • Provide high quality advice to the Government on the development of IP policy and legislation.
  • Engage internationally, working with bodies such as the World Intellectual Property Organization and other IP offices to influence IP policy and practice.

Performance Measures

Performance measure 1
IP Australia’s timeliness, quality, satisfaction and availability commitments are met.

Performance measure 2
Process trans-Tasman attorney registration applications within 15 working days from the date that the application complies with registration requirements.

Performance measure 3
Improved awareness of the IP rights system.

Performance measure 4
Provision of high-quality advice to the Australian Government on policy, legislation, ministerial correspondence and briefs.

Strategic Objectives

  • 1. Impact
    • 1.1 Maintain a high quality, customer-centric IP rights system.
    • 1.2 Increase our reputation, influence and contribution to the IP eco-system.
  • 2. Customer
    • 2.1 Increase customer experience excellence in the delivery of IP rights services.
    • 2.2 Increase access to and benefits from IP rights ownership.
  • 3.Capability
    • 3.1 Create and maintain capabilities that meet the current and future needs of the IP rights system.
    • 3.2 Build a workplace culture that is empowered, inclusive and risk-engaging.
  • 4.Innovation
    • 4.1 Increase innovation and adaptiveness in our administration of the IP rights system.
    • 4.2 Provide continually improving contemporary digital customer services and staff experiences.

Significant Initiatives

  • Deliver evidence-based improvements to IP right systems and legislation, including the protection and awareness of Indigenous Knowledge.
  • Review our fees in accordance with the principles of the Australian Government Charging Framework.
  • Deliver agreed reforms to the regulated attorney profession on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand governments.
  • Implementing the four priorities of the APS Reform Agenda.
  • Embed innovation within the agency to identify emerging needs and opportunities and support the creation of new products and services.
  • Invest in IT infrastructure to ensure continued improvements to customer and corporate systems.
  • Deliver modern, streamlined examination platforms, systems and processes to enable more effective IP rights administration.
  • Create new systems and processes that improve data capabilities.
  • Deliver programs that continue to transform IP Australia to be customer-centric and delivery-focussed.
  • Look for innovative ways to promote increased awareness of the IP system.
  • Establish ourselves an employer of choice by improving our diversity and inclusion, workforce capability and remaining at the forefront of flexible work practices.