Agency overview

Corporate plan 2022 banner

     Our vision

                  Creating a world leading IP system building prosperity for Australia

        Our purpose

                  Ensuring Australians benefit from great ideas

Our programs and key activities

Program 1: IP rights administration and professional registration

Administer patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights legislation.

Administer the Trans-Tasman IP attorney regime for Australian and New Zealand patents attorneys, and Australian trade marks attorneys.

Program 2: Education and awareness

Deliver proactive outreach programs that inform and educate Australian businesses, with emphasis on small and medium enterprises.

Build and leverage partnerships with Government, industry partners and universities to promote the IP system and maximise impact.

Program 3: Advice to government and international engagement

Provide high quality advice to the Government on the development of IP policy and legislation.

Engage internationally, working with bodies such as the World Intellectual Property Organization and other IP offices to influence IP policy and practice.

Our performance measures

  • Performance measure 1: IP Australia’s timeliness, quality, satisfaction and availability commitments are met
  • Performance measure 2: Process trans-Tasman attorney registration applications within 15 working days from the date that the application complies with registration requirements
  • Performance measure 3: Improved awareness of the IP rights system
  • Performance measure 4: Provision of high-quality advice to the Australian Government on policy, legislation, ministerial correspondence and briefs.

Our strategic objectives

1. Impact

1.1 Maintain a high quality, customer-centric IP rights system

1.2 Increase our reputation, influence and contribution to the IP eco-system

2. Customer

2.1 Increase customer experience excellence in the delivery of IP rights services

2.2 Increase access to and benefits from IP rights ownership

3. Capability

3.1 Create and maintain capabilities that meet the current and future needs of the IP rights system

3.2 Build a workplace culture that is empowered, inclusive and risk-engaging

4. Innovation

4.1 Increase innovation and adaptiveness in our administration of the IP rights system

4.2 Provide continually improving contemporary digital customer services and staff experiences

Our significant initiatives

  • Embed innovation within the agency to identify emerging needs and opportunities and support the creation of new products and services
  • Invest in IT infrastructure to ensure continued improvements to customer and corporate systems
  • Deliver a modern, streamlined examination platforms, systems and processes to enable more effective IP rights administration
  • Create new systems and processes that improve data capabilities
  • Deliver programs that continue to transform IP Australia to be customer-centric and delivery-focused
  • Look for innovative ways to promote increased awareness of the IP system
  • Deliver improvements to protection and awareness of Indigenous Knowledge
  • Deliver evidence-based improvements to IP right systems and legislation