Contractor and supplier safety

Our workplace health and safety (WHS) policy helps us create a safe workplace for everyone. You have the right to a safe working environment while working with us as a contractor or supplier.

Workplace health and safety 

Our WHS management system is designed to protect the physical and mental health of everyone who works with us. Under our system:

  • everyone has the right to a workplace that's physically and psychologically safe
  • we're partners in creating safe, healthy, rewarding and productive work
  • we're responsible for working towards eliminating work-related injury and illness
  • everyone has a responsibility to act in a safe manner and to report hazards and accidents when they occur.

Our responsibilities

When working with you, we'll:

  • provide you with a workplace in which physical and psychological risks are removed or managed and mitigated
  • provide safe furniture, equipment and work systems along with training for correct use
  • consult with you on matters that may affect your health and safety
  • respond to WHS hazards, investigate WHS incidents and implement further risk mitigation as needed
  • comply with your recommendations for the safe use, storage and disposal of products that you supply to us.

Your responsibilities

When working with us, we ask that you:

  • comply with your obligations under Australian WHS legislation
  • comply with the WHS requirements specific to your contract, including qualifications, licences and registration
  • comply with our procedures to protect your health and safety
  • report all hazards and incidents affecting health and safety
  • install or construct structures that comply with safety standards
  • supply products that are designed and manufactured to minimise risk of injury and provide sufficient information on their safe use, storage and disposal.

Our Site Safety Contractor Handbook provides information about our WHS policy including work procedures, code of conduct and safety. You can review our handbook below.

If you have any questions about the WHS requirements in your contract, speak to your contract manager.  

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