Last updated: 
30 May 2016

You can request an international type search if you have filed a provisional application with us and you are thinking of filing a patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

If you request an international type search and pay our fee, we will produce a report identifying inventions similar to yours.

This report can:

  • give you an idea about the uniqueness of your invention and its chance of gaining patent protection
  • help you to make an informed decision about your next steps, and whether filing a PCT application is the right option.

You can choose one of two ways for us to conduct your search:

  • you can ask us to search the claims of your provisional application
  • you can provide a search statement detailing the subject matter you would like us to base our search on.

It takes us around six weeks to compile the report. It will list inventions similar to yours, as well as an explanation of the relevance.

You should aim to request an international type search no later than 10 months after you file your provisional application. This will give you enough time to consider the results of the report before deciding whether to file a PCT application. The deadline for filing a PCT application associated to a provisional application is 12 months.

If you file a PCT application and we are able to make use of the results of the international type search, you may be eligible for a partial refund.

Free Patent Analytics Reports with every international type search

International type searches now receive a free Patent Analytics Report. The reports can inform research and business decisions by providing key insights into your specific area of technology. Find out more about this service.