Patent analytics

We offer detailed analytics services to help researchers and policy makers make informed, data driven decisions.  

Patent analytics provide intelligence on technology, market trends, collaborators and commercial opportunities across different industries.

Benefits of patent analytics

Maximising insights from research and new technology investments is essential in today’s competitive global environment. By leveraging data to make informed decisions, you can form a holistic view of how your research and product fits into and stands out in the market.

Patent analytics data can help you:

  • Make informed decisions on policy, research, commercialisation, marketing and licensing
  • Identify new opportunities and potential partnerships
  • Capture knowledge and activity in your field
  • Understand and communicate the value of your invention or product.

Our Patent Analytics Hub

Our Patent Analytics Hub is uniquely positioned to provide impactful analytics reports. Our expert team has access to more than 150 million patent records across 250,000 technology classifications ‒ ensuring you'll receive a comprehensive report to help inform your next step.

What we offer

We analyse details from patent documents and other patent lifecycle information to report on technology and patent trends.

Total cost: Varies, based on requirements

Great for:

  • Government agencies
  • Universities
  • Medical research institutes
  • Entrepreneurs' Programme participants
  • Cooperative research centres.

Key things to know:

  • We'll work with you to prepare a scoping document and determine the patent search strategy
  • You'll receive a tailored report that details filing trends over time, origin of inventions, top markets, applicants and a full technology analysis
  • Reports include interactive visualisation that makes it easier to interpret the results
  • You can provide comments on a draft report before we finalise it
  • Generally delivered within four to 12 weeks depending on your project requirements
  • Analytics don't:
    • replace legal advice.
    • count as patent valuation, validity search, patentability or freedom to operation services.

Total cost: Free with an international-type search

Great for:

  • Anyone considering patent protection overseas

Key things to know:

  • Provides key insights into technology trends and activity
  • Strengthens your intellectual property (IP) strategy when combined with your international type search.

Over 400 of our patent and technology experts analyse patent data on:

  • Emerging and critical technologies
  • Environmental and trade matters.

 The Patent Analytics Hub uses these insights to produce reports and thought leadership on topics relevant to Australian and international industries.

You can access these documents for free.

Publications and reports

Get professional advice

If you're a small to medium business owner and want in-depth analysis for your invention or product, you can engage a patent attorney to help you.

They can direct you to commercial patent analytics services that can provide you with detailed analysis for your business.

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