Open IP data

Our research and data initiatives are supported by publicly accessible data that provides historical details of Australian intellectual property (IP) rights.

What is IP RAPID?

IP Refreshed Automated Product for Information and Data (IP RAPID) provides access to over 100 years of information on IP rights applications. It allows you to research the classification of IP rights and the history of IP transfers and exchanges.

The data covers the 4 types of IP rights we administer:  trade marks, patents, design rights and plant breeder’s rights. It includes data related to applications, such as:

  • Names of applicants and their agents
  • The type of IP right that was applied for
  • Key dates and events
  • The Australian Business Number (ABN) of some applicants or other parties.

IP RAPID is updated annually.


Access to our open data

Access to our open data follows the secrecy provisions in our international treaties, IP rights legislation and the Privacy Act 1988. We also adhere to the Data Availability and Transparency Act 2022 (DATA) scheme.

The DATA Scheme provides the best practice pathway for safely sharing Australian Government data, to:

  • Improve government service delivery
  • Inform government policy development and program design
  • Support research and development for public benefit.

The Office of the National Data Commissioner (ONDC) oversees the DATA scheme.

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