Last updated: 
7 February 2020

The Director General

The Director General of IP Australia is the accountable authority under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act, and is directly responsible to the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science for the proper use and management of the entity's resources. The Director General has agency head powers under the Public Service Act 1999, delegated from the Secretary of the Department.

Our business groups

IP Australia Organisational chart 

Policy and governance group

Responsible for:

  • developing strategies for directions and policy on IP and for the growth of our business
  • setting and managing the strategic direction of our relationships with customers, stakeholders, international agencies and other IP offices
  • managing our legislative and parliamentary responsibilities
  • IP Australia's legal services.

People and communication group

Responsible for:

  • delivery of human resource management strategies and services
  • managing our awareness and education initiatives 
  • managing IP Australia's external websites, the Intranet, e-business channels and coordination of the online manuals.

Innovation and technology group

Responsible for:

  • delivering and managing information and technology that enables our business to function efficiently
  • improving our business processes, systems customer engagement
  • developing a new IP rights management system and a new search solution
  • strategically managing our customer channels
  • providing richer and more timely business intelligence
  • driving innovation throughout the agency.

Customer operations group

Responsible for:

  • administering patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights effectively and efficiently
  • maintaining the registers for each of the IP Rights
  • ensuring our quality management system complies with the ISO 9001 standard.

Finance and business services group

Responsible for:

  • financial management
  • ensuring our environmental management system complies with the ISO 14001 standard
  • property and security management
  • monitoring the organisation's performance.

Patent and plant breeder's rights group

Responsible for:

  • examining patent applications and granting patents
  • examining plant breeder's rights applications and registering plant breeder's rights
  • conducting hearings and issuing decisions on disputes relating to registration, refusal and licensing of these rights.

Trade marks and designs group

Responsible for:

  • granting trade mark and designs rights
  • examining trade mark and design applications
  • registering trade marks and designs
  • conducting hearings and issuing decisions on disputes relating to the registration or refusal of trade marks and designs rights.