How to become a centralised testing centre

Your business can carry out growing trials for new candidate plant varieties by becoming a centralised testing centre (CTC). Here's how it works, and how to become a CTC.  

What is a centralised testing centre?

When a plant breeder applies for plant breeder's rights (PBR), the new candidate variety must be tested through a growing trial. The trial is used to confirm that the variety is clearly distinguishable from varieties that already exist -- a necessary quality for the plant to qualify for a PBR.

Applicants can run a growing trial themselves in conjunction with their qualified person, or they can use a CTC to do it on their behalf. A CTC has the appropriate facilities and expertise to run scientifically validated growing trials.

How to become a CTC

You can be authorised to become a CTC if you have a suitable facility. This means you can:

  1. Do contract testing for third parties
  2. Run your own growing trials if you have your own candidate varieties.

Only one CTC is authorised for each plant genus, but if there is a demand for service, you may get CTC authorisation for a new facility. We'll review authorisations periodically to determine if new centres are needed.

There's no cost involved to get authorisation as a test centre.

How to apply

You'll need to apply to us in writing, outlining your claims against the following selection criteria.

Appropriate facilities

Your facilities are of a high standard and appropriate for the genera that is to be tested. The facility must allow for rigorous growing trials involving multiple or individual PBR applications.

Experienced staff

You employ adequately trained staff and have access to accredited qualified persons with a history of successful PBR applications. Expertise is needed for all stages of the trial, from planting to presentation of the analysed data.

Ability to provide long-term storage of genetic material

Depending upon the genus, businesses that indicate a willingness and ability to act as a national genetic resource centre will be favoured.

Ability to do contract testing for third parties

Operators of a CTC must be prepared to test varieties submitted by third parties, unless you've received a written exemption.

Substantial industry support

Have written commitment for use as a testing centre from major nurseries or other applicants with a history of regularly making applications for PBR in Australia.

For more information, or to apply, write to us at or by post.

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