Intellectual property policy

Our approach to policy lets you take part in government decision-making in relation to intellectual property (IP) policies and legislation.

Our role

We work closely with the Department of Industry, Science and Resources to provide advice to government on IP policy.

The government determines which issues will ultimately be the subject of proposed legislative amendments.

Our legislative agenda

We're considering a range of reforms and improvements to the IP rights system.

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What is the Policy Register?

The Policy Register provides a snapshot of policy issues that come to our attention as a result of:

  • Recommendations from IP related reviews
  • Stakeholder suggestions
  • Proposals from within IP Australia.

While all the issues on the register are considered in order of priority, that doesn't mean that all the legislative or policy changes will necessarily progress.

Have your say

We welcome your thoughts to help us shape our advice on the development of IP policy in Australia. This includes individual policy issues or the broader direction of IP policy.

Your feedback helps us allocate resources effectively and provide advice on the development of IP policy. If you want to provide feedback, here's a quick guide on how to structure your submission.

How to comment

You can get in touch with us to talk through your feedback or submit your thoughts online.

Get in touch  Submit a policy issue

Search the register

Use our policy register to find IP policy issues that are relevant to you and provide feedback.

Search the register

How to understand status and priority descriptions

Learn about the statuses and priorities for policy issues.

You can use the key below to understand the status descriptions for policy issues.


Identified for action We have received evidence to the extent that the issue warrants further policy development and consultation.
Policy development We're working on the policy options for addressing this issue.
Consultation Public consultation is ongoing on this issue.
Legislative drafting The Government has approved legislative action on this issue. Appropriate legislative amendments are being prepared.
In Parliament A Bill is being considered by Parliament to address this issue.
Implementation An issue which doesn't require legislation, but which we're taking non-legislative action to address.
Completed An issue where a policy change has been implemented.
Closed No action will be taken on this issue now or in the future.
On hold This issue isn't being progressed by us at the present time, but is recorded on the register for potential work by us in future.

You can use the key below to understand the priority descriptions for policy issues.

Action will be taken by us at the next available opportunity.
Medium  Desirable for action by us in the medium term, but won't be addressed immediately.
Low Limited evidence or justification for change at the present time. Unlikely to be progressed by us in the short or medium term.

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Our research

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