Last updated: 
23 October 2017

Our Patent Analytics Hub (the Hub) aims to help Australian innovators make the most of their intellectual property (IP). The Hub provides analysis, visualisation and interpretation of data included in patent documents.

We at the Hub translate the world’s vast patent literature into useable information to help you with research, development, collaboration and commercialisation. The material we look at contains over 80 million patent records, which provide bibliographic information, as well as technical information about the invention.

Our analysts take this information from multiple sources and present it in a way that helps you understand relationships and trends to inform your business strategy. This may include patenting in specific technology areas and identifying target markets or networks between organisations.

Why you should choose us for your patent analytics

We select our analysts from over four hundred expert patent searchers. Our analysts are trained in a range of technologies and have a detailed understanding of the patent system.

Our analysts have the Knowledge and skills to help you:

  • understand technology areas
  • find potential collaborators
  • boost commercial returns from your research

About the service we offer

While a patent search gives you an idea on the novelty or inventiveness of your patent claims, an analytics report will provide you with a wide range of details in a particular technology area.

We use advanced data analysis techniques and visualisations.

Our experience helps you to identify:

  • patenting activity in specific technology areas
  • patent networks between organisations
  • invention origin and geographical analysis of technology emergence
  • organisations filing in specific technology areas.

We are unable to provide legal opinions or services that are directly related to competitor analysis such as patentability, freedom to operate or validity searches.

Who we offer this service to

We offer services to government agencies, publicly funded research organisations such as universities, medical research institutes and cooperative research centres.

How it works

After you contact us to discuss your project needs we will prepare a scoping document and negotiate the cost.

We will determine a search strategy and access the vast patent databases to extract the data. The data will be considered and framed to answer your specific questions.

The analysis will then use the data to provide visualisations and draft the report. We will provide you with a draft report for your comments before we finalise it.

How long it takes to get a report

Depending on the size of your project, it could take as little as four weeks or as long as three months. We’ll provide a time frame with our scoping document.


Standard and customised reports are available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


For more information please contact us.