Patent filing in hydrogen technologies provide great potential for environmental benefit in the global energy sector. This interactive visualisation shows that patent applications in hydrogen technologies are increasing over time across the world. Viewing the interactive visualisation allows users to ‘drill down’ into the technologies and provides customised insights for decision-makers to strengthen and consolidate our national energy capability.

15 December 2021

A key force that propels the economy forward is the exponential growth achieved by some small and new businesses. However, identifying small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with high growth potential is a key challenge for policy makers and investors alike.

8 December 2021

IP Australia, through the Patent Analytics Hub, has analysed global patent data to support Australia’s Action Plan for Critical Technologies. Details of patent filings are shown in the Tech Cards that provide an easily accessible snapshot of each technology.

17 November 2021
Black and white image of vineyard and buckets of grapes

This patent analytics report analyses plant biotechnology patents originating from Latin America, indicating the commercial interests and expertise of the region.

28 July 2021
Black and white images of various batteries

This report explores battery technologies in Australia. Batteries are a technology area underpinning Australia’s national energy infrastructure and resilience.

14 July 2021
Image of ship transporting shipping containers in ocean

This research report looks into how exporters respond to shocks, and the role of intellectual property (IP) in shaping export behaviour. 

30 June 2021

Welcome to the 2021 IP Report, please view the online version.

29 April 2021
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This paper examines the relationship between intellectual property rights, business profitability and market concentration to provide an evidence base to support future competition and industry policy development.

15 December 2020

This study and report was conducted by the Export Council of Australia (ECA) on behalf of IP Australia and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER). Using surveys and case studies this report seeks to understand how Australian businesses protect their IP rights when exporting into China and ASEAN markets as well as the challenges they face in doing so.

21 October 2020