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Proposed deletion date: 
Saturday, March 16, 2013
Release type: 
Part release - Exemptions applied under Section 47G
FOI request summary: 
This document release contains notification of change of address, response to examiners report, consent to the use and registration of a trade mark, statutory declaration, application for extension of time, payment of registration of trade mark, examiners report, TM workbench, trade mark research list, internet search results, ATMOSS search results, clear report for application, examiners worksheet, evidence summary sheet, trade mark eform application in relation to Trade Mark 952530 Bohemia.
Other information: 
This is a 105 page document containing lapsed trade mark notification, examiners reports, statutory declaration, evidence of use, IP Australia official receipt, extension of time request, response to examiners reports, examiners worksheet, Trade Mark Research List, internet search results, evidence of use, ATMOSS search results, application for the registration of a trade mark. A copy of this file can be obtained from us by making a request to foi@ipaustralia.gov.au. Fees may apply to requests for hard copies as outlined under the Document Sales Pricing schedule.
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Friday, March 16, 2012