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IP Australia is committed to delivering world leading IP services that are modern, effective and efficient and ensure all Australians benefit from great ideas. Our Customer Service Charter (CSC) provides an overview of how we will meet customer expectations for IP rights administration. Our aim is to continuously improve and ensure our customers are satisfied with our services.

Below are our high-level service commitments; Doing Business With Us captures overall satisfaction with our business and information services; Quality refers to the standard of our substantive search and examination products; and Timeliness outlines response times across the four IP Rights.

We will report on our performance against the CSC on an annual basis. For previous results, visit Customer Service Charter Quarterly Report

Doing business with us

90% or more of customers are satisfied with IP Australia’s administration of the Australian intellectual property registration system.




85% or more of customers agree that IP Australia helps them make informed business decisions.



80% or more of customers have confidence that the decisions IP Australia has taken in granting their IP right/s meet the applicable legal framework.


80% or more of customers agree that IP Australia’s decisions are consistent and demonstrate a professional approach.


80% or more of customers agree that IP Australia provides sufficient detail in reports to explain our decisions.




IP Australia will issue: 85% of international search reports (for one invention) in 10 weeks, and 95% (for all search requests) in 12 weeks; 85% of international-type search reports (for one invention where the original request is compliant) in 6 weeks, and 95% (for all search requests from receiving a compliant request) in 8 weeks.

Trade marks

IP Australia will issue: 85% of first reports on new applications in 13 weeks, and 95% in 18 weeks; 95% of Headstart Part 1 assessments in 5 days, and 97% in 7 days.


IP Australia will issue: 85% of formalities reports on new applications in 8 weeks, and 95% in 9 weeks; 85% of first reports from examination requests in 13 weeks; and 95% in 16 weeks.

Plant Breeder's Rights

IP Australia will conduct: 100% of initial examination in 8 weeks; 95% of further examination in 4 weeks.

Note: Timeliness results will be reported at the end of FY 20/21