Customer research

By listening to what you think is working well, and what could be improved, we're using your insights to improve your experience with us. You can get involved by providing feedback, completing surveys and participating in user testing.  

Putting you first

We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what's working well, and what we could do better. Let us know:

  • what's working
  • what's not working
  • what can be improved.

Why it matters to us

We're here to make it smooth and easy for you to access the intellectual property (IP) system, so we want to make your experience a great one. To help us achieve this, we put you at the centre of everything we do.

We use your feedback to drive continual improvement in:

  • our service delivery to you
  • your user satisfaction
  • your customer experience.

How we're listening to you

Want to share your thoughts? Here's how to get involved.

Tell us what you think

Your feedback allows us to provide improvements across all aspects of our work so we can create a better experience for you.

This is your chance to:

  • give us compliments
  • make a complaint
  • make suggestions on how we can improve your experience.

You can do this any time and as often as you want. We'll respond to you within 15 days.

Share your thoughts

Answer our burning questions

We want to hear your thoughts on what we're doing and what we're planning for the future. We'll be in touch via email to invite you to participate.

Customer satisfaction survey

These surveys allow us to monitor the impacts of projects and activities we're implementing to improve our services for you.

Targeted surveys

We might ask you more specific questions about a service or project. For example, asking you to expand on feedback you've provided in our customer satisfaction survey. This helps us to really understand what you think and how we can improve your experience with us.

Pulse surveys

These are short surveys where we check in with you at the conclusion of an activity, like when you've renewed your IP right. This helps us understand your pain points, as well as what's working and why—making your customer experience even better.

Touchpoint surveys

We'll ask you to give us a rating when you use our:

  • website
  • online services
  • contact centre.

These surveys only take ten seconds of your time and let us know straight away how we're doing.

User testing

As we design and develop new products and services, we'll ask for your input to help shape how it:

  • looks
  • feels
  • reads
  • works.

We'll give you a prototype and ask you to complete a series of tasks to 'test' it.

The best part? There are no right or wrong answers. Tell us how user-friendly your experience is, and if you think it will be useful for someone else. We'll keep working on it until we get it right.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to participate via email.

Here's what we've heard

The results of our Q2 2023-24 Customer Satisfaction Survey are in.

Why we want your feedback

We're committed to delivering and maintaining a world leading IP system and services that are modern, effective and efficient to ensure all Australians benefit from great ideas.

When is the survey conducted?

We conduct quarterly Customer Satisfaction Surveys to seek customers’ feedback on their experiences with us. The Customer Satisfaction Survey allows us to constantly monitor our performance through real-time feedback to yield higher accuracy and create a better customer experience.

The results

We received responses from customers representing as self-filers, IP professionals and Australian businesses for Quarter 2 2023-24 financial year:

  • Overall satisfaction with IP Australia: 85.9%. 
  • Satisfaction with the quality of our products and services: 87.8%. 
  • Satisfaction with our administration of the IP system: 88.4%. 

We also maintained strong performance for the: 

  • ease of contacting us
  • accuracy of information provided
  • correspondence received from us
  • time we took to respond to customer queries and communication.

What's next?

With this feedback, we'll focus on providing customer experience excellence underpinned by: 

  • contemporary products and systems
  • timely, transparent and consistent decision making
  • strong governance and sound people management practices. 

Read more below about the survey results and feedback from our customers.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Q2 2023-24 results


How we respect your privacy

If you provide feedback or agree to take part in one of our surveys, your privacy is protected and you have a number of rights. These are set out in our feedback forms and surveys.

Be on the look out for scams

Fraudulent people or companies may tell you they're from IP Australia to gain information for their own illegal purpose. For example, identity theft.

If you're asked to take part in a survey and you're not sure it's really us, contact us

Contact us

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