Designs Review Project


IP Australia has begun a holistic review of the designs ecosystem in Australia: the Designs Review Project. We want to better understand what drives design innovation, and how the registered designs system contributes to the Australian economy. By doing this we will identify where the design system could better support Australian innovation and propose pathways for doing so.


Smart Trade Mark


Smart Trade Mark is an initiative being trialled to modernise trade marks, enabling brands to better protect themselves against misuse and counterfeit. The Smart Trade Mark platform allows trade mark owners to connect digitally to the government register to prove they are the authentic owner of a brand. This enables the trade mark owner to authenticate products or services, marketplaces, and supply chains – by digitally linking them to a trade mark. We are currently working with industry and government partners on several trial projects..


IP Data Platform


The IP Data Platform enables researchers and policy makers to investigate and interrogate data in a powerful cloud-based analytical environment to make decisions and to create economic and policy insights involving IP rights, trade and innovation. It currently contains domestic datasets, IP Government Open Data and IP Longitudinal Research Data, and international data on patents and trade marks, including our latest TM-Link dataset. Researchers can compare data within and across these data collections and add their own data to deepen the insights generated.

IP Australia is inviting members of the IP community, including IP offices, researchers and attorney firms, to participate in a free trial of the platform so that together we can build a connected IP data community that solves common data challenges. To find out more about this exciting initiative and how to get involved please visit




The TM-Link dataset is the newest addition to the IP Platform and contains trade mark data from Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. TM-Link provides the ability to link data at the unit level (individual application level), which has not previously been available, and to compare these data with external datasets (e.g. industry and trade data) for the first time. 

TM-Link has been produced through collaboration between IP Australia, Swinburne University of Technology and Melbourne University. For more information please visit