IP basics

Our factsheets provide you and your clients with the IP knowledge and tools they'll need to establish and grow a successful business.

What does it cover?

Our factsheets provide an easy-to-understand overview of registered IP rights, which outline best practices for managing and protecting these valuable assets, including:

  • trade marks
  • patents
  • designs rights
  • plant breeder’s rights.

You can also find a range of tools and resources that share how other Australian businesses have managed their IP, including:

  • on-demand webinars
  • contract templates and agreements
  • economic research papers
  • IP stories.

Who is it for?

While the factsheets are suitable for anyone interested in IP, it has been designed with business advisors in mind. We recognise the role that business advisors play to support their clients navigating the process of entrepreneurship, commercialisation and business development.

As such, we've created the factsheets as a resource for you to download and share with your clients as you navigate the path together.

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IP rights

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Gecko Traxx: IP and accessibility

Gecko Traxx co-founders Ryan Tilley and Huy Nguyen used patent protection to support their commercialisation journey. As a company specialising in innovative wheelchair solutions, they felt a need to safeguard their unique technology from larger corporations while delivering a premium product that is accessible to those with disabilities or limited mobility requirements.

How they did it

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Understanding intellectual property (IP)

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind. It could include a brand, logo, invention, design or artistic work, or new plant variety.

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Case studies

Here's how Australian businesses are working with the intellectual property system to protect and commercialise their ideas. 

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Choosing the right IP

A tool to help you identify what type of IP protection you may need. Let the tool decide for you in two easy steps.