Upskill on trade marks

Before you apply for a trade mark, it's important to understand what it protects and how it works. Upskill, our free online course, can help you master the basics.  

How it works

Designed with small business owners in mind, our five-step education program covers everything you need to know before you apply for a trade mark.

You’ll learn:

  • What IP is and how to tell what type of IP you have
  • The value of your business' brand and protecting it with a trade mark
  • How to search if your trade mark is unique
  • How to apply for a trade mark
  • What's involved in taking your brand overseas
  • What's involved in managing your trade mark.

1. What is IP?

  • What is IP?
  • Types of IP
  • Other IP in your business
  • Identifying your IP
  • What is the power of your brand?

2. Research

  • Research before you act
  • Protecting your IP online
  • What is your brand, name, or trading identity?
  • Getting your head around how trade marks are classified
  • Preparing to search
  • Activities: getting familiar with goods and services
  • Does your trade mark describe what you do?

3. IP overseas

  • Mitigating the risks
  • Why are you going global?
  • China
  • The U.S
  • Additional tips for filing.

4. How to stay safe

  • Who owns the IP?
  • Top tips for protecting your IP in the workplace
  • Engaging and using independent contractors
  • Scenarios and tasks
  • Quiz.

5. What's next?

  • Which application path do I follow?
  • The application process.

The course generally takes about five hours to complete, depending on your learning pace. You can save your progress as you go, and return to the modules at any time. 

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