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To achieve our Strategic Objectives, we must nurture the right capabilities to meet the challenges of an uncertain and changing world. Delivering innovative and customer-centric IP services depends on IP Australia continuing to build its capability through the implementation of key strategies and work plans, as overseen by our governance committees.

Our people are dedicated professionals committed to providing excellent services to our customers. Our workforce is our greatest asset, and the satisfaction, motivation, and retention of our workforce is a key priority. IP Australia’s People Strategy is governed by the Workforce Strategy Committee and articulates how we attract and retain skilled and engaged staff that have the specific capabilities to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.

The Strategic Policy and International Committee is responsible for governance of our strategic policy and international engagement. We are considering ways the IP system can better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to benefit from and protect their Indigenous Knowledge; better enabling small and medium enterprises and exporters to realise the benefits of their ideas at home and abroad; and leveraging our capability to influence international IP developments, both pro-actively and in response to an uncertain international environment.

Data is integral to the work of IP Australia. The Information and Data Committee is responsible for governance of data and information management within the agency. The Committee oversees the Information Matters strategy which sets out our accountabilities for safe and effective collection, management, analysis, collaboration and communication of data and information. The Strategy focuses on developing technical and people capabilities, governance and streamlined mechanisms to deliver IP data and information to internal and external decision makers, innovators, and service providers so we make the most of our data, now and into the future.

IP Australia’s Investment, ICT and Property Committee (IIPC) oversees a rolling ten-year investment plan for capital budget prioritisation and implementation. As a cost-recovered agency, this aids discipline in our investment approach and provides a forward view of where IP Australia is prioritising capability development through the leveraging of our cost-recovered cash reserves.

The ICT Strategy sets out how we harness technology to support IP Australia to achieve its purpose and meet the expectations of our workforce, customers, and broader stakeholder groups. The Strategy, governed by the IIPC, ensures the delivery of resilient and secure IT services and is reviewed annually to reflect up-to-date technological advancements and new innovations.