Quality management

We take the quality of the rights we administer seriously.

Our world class approach to quality includes the combination of our ISO 9001 certified quality management system, our quality review system and our customer feedback.

We are dedicated to improving quality through international activities and collaborative work sharing projects. We strive to apply international best practice to our products and services.

Quality management system

Our quality management system is critical in underpinning our operations. It ensures that our work is consistent, transparent and helps us identify and apply continuous improvements in a systematic way.

Our commitment for delivering high quality products and services is set out in our quality policy and customer service charter.

Our quality management system aims to:

  • deliver high quality services and products 
  • provide timely and efficient customer service.

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Quality review system

Our quality review system is a critical component of our quality management system.


Our quality review system provides:

  • assessment of work independent of examination
  • clearly defined quality standards
  • statistically valid sample size consistent with ISO 2859
  • the identification of learning, training and system improvements
  • a mechanism for rewarding and recognising good quality work.

Reviews are assessed against a set of quality standards. The results and outcomes of our quality review system are published in the Customer Service Charter Reports.

Product quality standards

Our product quality standards relate to the level of importance we place on aspects of our work.

Patent PQS

Trade Marks PQS

Design Formalities PQS

Design Examination PQS

Plant Breeder's Rights PQS

Customer Operations Group PQS

Our quality policy

IP Australia is committed to creating a world leading intellectual property (IP) system building prosperity for Australia. Through our work we promote innovation, investment and international competitiveness for the benefit of all Australians. We do this by administering Australia’s IP legislation as it relates to patents for inventions, registered trade marks, registered industrial designs and plant breeder’s rights. We also manage programs to educate and promote awareness of IP and provide IP policy input to government.

Certification of our quality management system for business processes to the ISO 9001 standard is a means by which we achieve and maintain the necessary alignment of our people, products, services, business systems and processes.

IP Australia is committed to complying with the requirements and the continual improvement of the quality management system.

IP Australia defines its quality objectives as programs and priorities.

Our programs include:

  • IP rights administration and professional registration
  • education, awareness and international engagement
  • advice to government
  • internal focus on building organisational capability.

Our priorities to meet these programs are:

  • delivering new and improved administration of IP Rights that enhances the customer experience
  • increasing awareness of the IP System
  • collaborate internationally to add value to the IP system
  • shaping the IP system to serve Australian innovation and business
  • building the capability of our people and our organisation.

We recognise that building and sustaining good working relationships with our customers and the wider IP community and being accessible and responsive to individual needs, while balancing the public interest, are fundamental to our ongoing success. All IP Australia staff are responsible for implementing and maintaining these good working relationships.

IP Australia is committed to providing strong leadership and clear direction on our strategic intent. We provide a working environment and management framework that supports achievement of our quality objectives, and maintains a highly skilled and competent workforce.

As an Australian government agency, our professional behaviours support the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct and Values, as well as IP Australia’s customer service standards and our achievement culture.

We are committed to regular and timely reviews of the IP Australia quality policy and quality management system as part of the IP Australia business planning process.

Last updated: 
24 March 2016