Last updated: 
24 April 2020

Implementing an internationally recognised best practice approach to our business is an important part of our relationship with our customers. IP Australia is committed to building on our strong reputation for delivering quality products and services. Our approach to quality includes the combination of our ISO 9001 certified quality management system, our quality review system and our  customer feedback.

We are dedicated to improving quality through international activities and collaborative work sharing projects. We strive to apply international best practice to our products and services.

Quality management system

Our quality management system is critical in underpinning our operations. It ensures that our work is consistent, transparent and helps us identify and apply continuous improvements in a systematic way.

Our commitment for delivering high quality products and services is set out in our Quality Policy and customer service charter.

Our Quality Policy aligns our high-level quality objectives with the strategic objectives and associated performance criteria set out on our Corporate Plan. These are:

  • Operational excellence: High-performing core business and internal operations.
  • Service excellence: High-performing customer services that support our core business.
  • Value add: Our expertise is leveraged to deliver value to the Australian IP System and broader economy.

Our quality management system aims to:

  • deliver high quality services and products 
  • provide timely and efficient customer service.

If you would like provide feedback please complete our enquiry form.

Quality review system

Our quality review system is a critical component of our quality management system.

Our quality review system provides:

  • assessment of work
  • clearly defined quality standards
  • the identification of learning, training and system improvements
  • a mechanism for recognising good quality work.

Reviews are assessed against a set of quality standards. The results and outcomes of our quality review system are monitored to enhance the quality of our work.