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23 December 2019

In recent years, questions have been raised about the effectiveness of the designs system and whether it is meeting its original policy objectives. IP Australia is taking action to ensure the Australian designs system is fit for purpose and supports the Australian economy now and in the future.

IP Australia has begun a two-phase approach to designs reform. The first implements accepted ACIP recommendations aiming to deliver early benefits by addressing issues we already know need to be fixed, with changes planned to be introduced in 2020. The second phase, the Designs Review Project, is a holistic review of the design’s ecosystem, to better understand what drives design innovation and what changes may be needed to realise greater benefits to the Australian economy.

The full text of the government’s response to ACIP’s recommendations and ACIP’s report on the Review of the Designs System is available at Review of the Designs System.

Further information on IP Australia’s design initiatives is available below.

1. Implementation of accepted ACIP recommendations

In 2016, the Australian Government accepted the majority of ACIP’s recommendations of its review into the operation and effectiveness of the Designs Act 2003 in supporting innovation. In late 2019, IP Australia released consultation papers with some specific reform proposals (including a grace period).

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2. The Designs Review Project

The Designs Review Project is a holistic review considering broad and longer-term reforms. Research undertaken by IP Australia’s Office of the Chief Economist and the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia (IPRIA) indicates that the Australia’s designs system may be underperforming in comparison to other advanced economies. Recent stakeholder comments have supported this view.

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Australian Design Search

IP Australia has released a new Australian Design Search. The new system has made it simpler and easier to search designs in Australia.

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