Last updated: 
16 February 2021

We have completed a year of research and consultation exploring Australia’s design economy. The research has given us a clearer picture of what drives design innovation and the role that design protection, including design rights, plays within the broader design ecosystem.

This page contains summaries of our research findings, our series of more detailed research reports and links for further reading.

Overall findings

Research reports

defining design
Defining design: design’s role in the Australian economy

Setting the context for the research by defining design and its contribution to the Australian economy.

View the Defining Design report

defining design
Talking design: views from Australia’s visual design ecosystem

Summarising insights and experiences heard through interviews with members of the design ecosystem.

View the Talking Design report

defining design
Valuing designs: economic impact of design rights in Australia

An economic study which assesses whether Australia’s design rights system has provided incentives for Australian businesses to invest in design.

View the Valuing Designs report

View the full economic research report

defining design
Protecting designs: design innovation, copying and enforcement in Australia

Analysing the survey results of the experiences of Australian business turning design ideas into products, methods and motives for protecting designs and encounters with copying.

View the Protecting Designs report

Further relevant reading